Face Elixir · Lavender (100% Natural Skin Care for Face)

Face Elixir · Lavender (100% Natural Skin Care for Face)

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This nourishing face oil promotes youthful skin and hydrates without a greasy feel. Argan, jojoba, pomegranate, rosehip, baobab and marula oils are loaded with exceptional skin nutrition-- they help to balance sebum (oil), unclog pores, boost collagen and improve overall complexion.

Ingredients: Argan, Jojoba, Pomegranate, Rosehip, Baobab & Marula Oils; Lavender Essential Oil

To Use: Massage 2-4 drops onto cleansed face and neck. Use morning and/or at night for glowing skin.

Note: I prefer my Charcoal & Tea Tree bar for face cleansing and follow that up with rosewater toner (I keep a spray bottle chilled, so refreshing!). A little product goes a long a way, just a few drops is all you need for application.

This listing is for 1 bottle of face oil 1 oz in weight.